On my previous entry I mentioned how our team was going to use Tornado and how cool it was and such. Turns out, after playing with it for a bit, it lacked in resources (lower level networking) and didn't do the stuff I wanted to do, as simple as I thought it would.

We ended up switching over to Twisted. According to this site (which I found right after the demos and some tinkering with Tornado), Twisted seems to be the better choice because of its greater control on the network, and also because we are not designing the system for the web. So far there hasn't been an issue. This is (hopefully) the last change in frameworks.

The server at its current state can handle many secure connections and can decode the encoded messages that the clients send. After finishing the decoding, I will be moving on to sending messages to the client and other stuff. Our small test today involved connecting our personal phones to the server along with some emulated phones on the computers. We encountered an issue with older phones, but it has been fixed.